About the wild fig coffee and books

like a wasp, born out of the ashes of an old fig, we come to infiltrate newer figs... with... coffee? ...and ...ink?!? clearly, we haven't thought this metaphor out thoroughly enough... whatevs. but wild fig is a coffeeshop. that sells books (or a bookshop that sells coffee?) ... ... ... ...sigh. please, just come see for yourself!

looking for that special book?

well, we probably don’t have it (transparent advertising, right?!?), but we order tons of books for our customers daily! just give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process… after payment (by phone or in person), books will arrive in 3-4 days, unless otherwise stated.

we also offer pretty good discounts for book club orders.

Welcome to The Fig…

good coffee, great literature, and community fellowship… yep, that just about sums us up.
we specialize in carrying locally roasted coffee beans, a small, but well-curated selection of novels/nonfiction/kid’s books/and graphic novels, and community pride.

visitors often consider us “quaint”, but our baristas will definitely shank you. SHANK YOU TO DEATH!!!

…no, wait, er’umm, that’s not quite right… SAFE! …yes!

we aim to be a safe place for those in need of caffeine and the well-written word.

yep, that’s probably who we are.
but you’ll never know unless you visit.

you can find us at 726 n. limestone in lexington, ky and can be reached either by phone at 859-252-3052, by email at wildfigbooks@gmail, or by way of most social media platforms, primarily on facebook and instagram

hours of operation: mon-sat: 8am – 7pm; sun: 10am – 6pm.