726 NO-LI

looking forward to getting moved in and setting up shop. its been an extremely long process… the contractors (shout out to John Bell and the entire staff at Emerge) have done an outstanding job and should be finishing up within a week… and our muralist, Dani Greene, is set to paint this sketch to a wall before we open.


now… all we’ll need are books. and coffee.


taking Paypal pre-orders on our “wild fig books / Proust Face Killah” (PFK) t-shirts, $19.08 (includes tax) for small, medium, large, or extra large. add $1 for 2XL or an extra $2 for sizes 3XL to 5XL. shirts will be available for in store pick-up by Sept. 5th (or can be mailed anywhere in the U.S. on Sept. 1st for an additional $5.99 / makes a great gift!). shirt colors are ‘red on blue’ and ‘yellow on green’… leave name, size, color, and mailing instructions (if necessary) in the paypal (wildfigbooks@gmail.com) information box at time of purchase. thanks!



PFK (Proust Face Killah) Books and Coffee was the name i wanted for the new spot but the family shot it down (probably for good reasons, but my friends all liked it tho and i’m not opposed to a rebranding down the road!) – and tho the brand died an honorable death the logo for it still lives on!

– Ron

The Wild Fig ( Books + Coffee )

Gayl Jones:

Memory is a mosquito

pregnant again

and out for blood.

– from her epic poem Wild Figs and Secret Places, 1983

our bookstore, too, is as the mosquito’s bite: come scratch us as your urge to read is agitated. mentally inflamed? come and read and quit playing around. good words will soothe you, if you allow.